WWE Raw Vs WWE Smackdown Live Ratings – WWE Draft Ratings

WWE Draft Smackdown Live and WWE Raw Ratings. Checkout full WWE Raw & Smackdown Live + TV Ratings on 19 July 2016.

If you missed WWE Raw & Smackdown live Match Results Check below.

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WWE Draft Ratings :

We have Witnessed WWE Raw & WWE Smackdown Live Events this Week. Both Shows are attracted well for wwe Universe. Vince McMahon already announced there should be competition betweem Raw and Smackdown Viewership, TV Ratings, Social Media.

Already Commissioners and General Managers are declared. who gets the highest ratings they willl get key to whole Kingdom of WWE. Who will win is Shane ? or Stephanie.

That will decide the future. As of Now check this Week Raw and Smackdown Live Ratings.

As per resources this week Smackdown Live get highest TV Ratings equalent to Raw. From last 3 years Smackdown had least TV Ratings. But Now total game get changed. 

WWE Draft happens on WWE Smackdwon Live whole WWE Universe waited to see their superstars in Raw or Smackdown.

The Draft Episode of Smackdown Live is happens at 18 July 2016 get peak TV Ratings. Smackdown Live reached 2.20 Rating , accoeding to PWTroch.com , and watched was 3,170,000 viewers in U.S, according to showbuzzdaily.com | Check WWE Draft Ratings below.

wwe raw vs smackdown

Both Raw & Smackdown Live had Similar Ratings for This Week Episodes. This is best news for Smackdown team. after Jan 2013 this was second time smackdown reached 2.20 Ratings. 

WWE Raw 17 July 2016 had rating 2.22, while viewership of first hour 3,204,000 and second hour 3,236,000 and final hour 2,960,000 viewers. I think Smackdown had higher Viewership than Raw when comparing with Last hour.

This was first time smackdown Live get viewership which is equal to Raw. Let’s see for next week which will show up hand either Raw or Smackdown ? Let’s see.

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