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WWE Raw 18-7-2016 Live Results :
July 18th, 2016.
Dunkin Donuts center , Rhode Island.

Checkout WWE Raw Live Results 18 July 2016 : Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Results blog from Dunkin Donuts center in Rhode Island. WWE features Latest paper per view of WWE Battleground event this month.

Welcome to WWE Monday  Night Raw Live Results Live from Nationwide Arena Columbus, OH. Checkout the latest WWE Raw Live Blog Results, Raw Video Highlights., and Latest happenings on WWE here.

Raw Preview about July 18, 2016 :

Dean Ambrose defends WWE title against Seth Rollins. Shane and Stephanie McMahon choose General managers to Raw & Smackdown Live.  Sasha Banks need to fins tag team partner & Many more action and funny is going on air tonight.

WWE Raw Live Results 18 July 2016 :

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Show Started :-

WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie Music hits and walk down towards ring. and she welcomes the crowd to WWE Mondy Night Raw. Suddenly Shane McMahon Interrupts her.

Shane McMahon Music hits and made his way towards ring. Shane McMahon get huge reception from crowd. Stephanie says she is not going to be miss him pandering the people.

Shane McMahon again Interrupts and welcomes the WWE Universe to Monday Night Raw.

Stephanie says : Enjoy tonight because it was last night at WWE Raw beacuse he is the new commissioner of WWE Smackdown Live. and I’m Exclusive Commissioner of WWE Monday Night Raw. & I’m not miss working with you.

Shane highlights that Stephanie wakes up everyday morning wishing she had testicles, but if she were his brother. Stephanie slaps Shane at last week Raw.

She says she did Slap him on face and there is nothing he can do.! just like he can never do anything about WWE Smackdown Live as Commissioner.

Stephanie says WWE Cruiserweight Division that is exclusive property of WWE Raw. Because WWE Raw had 3 hours long , it added to advantage to show. And Every two drafts shane gets , She gets three.

Shane replies “Daddy’s little girl” Get whatever she wants.

Shane says he strategies with his General Manager for WWE Smackdown Live is all set.

Stephanie says she will take opportunity to person that will charge WWE Monday Night Raw is MICK FOLEY.

Mick Foley Music Hits and he get huge reception from crowd. Foley Chants breaks up. Mick Foley thanks WWE Universe and Stephanie for this Incredible Opportunity.

Foley thanks for doing right here at providence. Being a part of new era reminds him atmosphere of attitude era.

the climate here reminds him of the monday night  wars back. Stephanie Whispers him something.

Mick Foley says Stephanie says there is a competition between Raw and Smackdown Live. When Stephanie calls him and offered this job , little ember became five alarm fire. Foley remembers being one of the guys put the nail in coffin in WCW.

Foley putting the same attitude on WWE Monday Night Raw as General Manager of Raw and ready to take Raw to future and beyond. and says “Have a Nice Day” .

WWE Raw Live

Shane Says he had almost respect on Mick Foley and give kudos to Stephanie.

Shane says to be General manger of Smackdown Live. he needs to embody what WWE Smackdown Live is all about.it’s all about breaking glass ceilings and the underdog coming out top. Who could be better than Mick Foley ?

General Manager of WWE Smackdown Live is Daniel Bryan. 😉

Daniel Bryan comes out with massive pop. all WWE Arena chants “Yes Yes Yes ” break out. Daniel makes big smile and he makes way towards ring.

Daniel shakes hands to Mick FOley, but he refuses to shake Stephanie’s.

Bryan aks crowd if you miss me.!  YES Chant fires up again.

Bryan says i too missed you a lot.

Stephanie says he should bow to the fans.

Daniel says Stephanie doesn’t understand pandering because the crowd never cheered her. he wasn’t sure about he will come back on this ring i Love Wrestling so much.

One day Shane Calls me and says his new ideas about putting the superstars first instead management. Smackdown Live is going to awesome for the WWE Universe.

Daniel says Smackdown live will beat Raw every single week because they have beaten the Authority before and we will do it again.

Stepahie replies with underdogs don”t wind up at top. Stephanie says it’s good to Bryan back. a B+ Player for B+ SHow.

Shane Ask Crowd if they believe they can take smackdown live and turn it ? Bryan Says ” Yes Yes “

Tonight Main Event is Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Seth Rollins. Catchout next Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens Vs. Cesaro and Sami Zyan.

8 Man tag team match : John Cena, The New Day & Enzo & Cass Vs. The Club and The Wyatt family.

Alberto del rio Vs. Darren Young.

Cesaro and Sami Zyan Vs. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens :

Cesaro calls Cesaro swing to Chris Jericho, but kevin owens tires to help. Kevin Owens punches and rolls jericho out of way. Sami Zyan tagged in, and catches Owens with tornado DDT. Chis rolls Zyan up. but sami Zyan rolls chris and pins and wins.

Winner : Cesaro and Sami Zyan.

After the match Chris Jericho get shocked with fast win of Sami Zyan.!

Daniel Bryan backstage segment : Daniel talking to Golden truth. R-Truth is trying to get Bryan to dab. Bryan doesn’t understands how that will help WWE Smackdown Live. Bryan walks away and bumps Titus O’Neil and Jack Swagger. Stephanie walks up to him and says she had surprised to see him back. Bryan has been doing amazing things with his wife, Brie Bella.

Daniel says he will back with vengeance. Stepahie says he’s like little doll from chunky.

Bryan says Chunky isn’t as bad as goat face. Bryan congratulates her on adding her reservior of Insults and running monday night raw. Bryan Walks off.!

Alberto del Rio Vs. Darren young :

Darren connects atomic drop to alberto before punching on face. Miz gets on apron but Darren punches him. Alberto del rolls Darren and miz get distated referee. finally Dareen rolls Alberto and get win.

Winner : Darren young.

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big cass & The New day Vs The Club and The Wyatt family :

Karl Anderson runs in and calls double spinebuster to John Cena. Enzo Amore hits Karl Anderson to massive flying DDT.

The New Day and Wyatt family brawl to back. AJ Fights off Enzo goes for Styles clash.

Styles ducks a clothesline , Enzo accidentally clothesline John Cena. AJ taken advantage and calls Styles clash to Enzo Amore to win tonight.

Winner: The Club and The Wyatt family.

Sin cara Vs Baron Corbin :

Sin cara calls Suicide dive to baron before putting back at ring. Cara leaps over him and they had some miscommunication. Baron Corbin connects End of Days to win tonight.

Winner : Baron Corbin.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke :

Sasha banks punches becky to get down and knocks charlotte off the apron. Natalya comes out takes becky down and sends him to ring post. Referee makes the match no contest.

No- Contest.

Charlotte takes Sasha down at ringside. Dana puches away to sasha but charlotte connects big boot. Charlotte gives Sasha Natural section. Dana & Charlotte stand over Sasha.

Backstage segment : Shane and Daniel Bryan talking to Demon Kane.

Tonight Dean Amborse Vs. Seth Rollins for WWE World heavy weight championship Match is going to live today.

Rusev & Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder :

Zack Ryder takes Rusev at top rope. Dolph Ziggler tries to rolls up , but Rusev defends and kicks out. Finally Rusev Applies Accolade for win.

Winner: Sheamus & Rusev.

WWE World heavy weight championship Match :

Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins :

But Shane Announces winner is Dean Ambrose. Referee replay the footage and announces both shoulders are down. and Dean Ambrose is still WWE World heavy weight Champion.

Match draw.

WWE Champ : Dean Ambrose.

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