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WWE Smackdown 13-5-2016 Results -WWE Smackdown Spoilers

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WWE Smackdown 13-5-2016 Results : Welcomes to Friday Night WWE Smackdown Live Results 13 May 2016.Read out Latest WWE News,Live Results about WWE Raw, Smackdown and Special Paper Views. We are 3 weeks away from WWE Extreme Rules at Sunday. WWE all set ready for Extreme Rules.

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WWE Smackdown 13-5-2016 Results :

Dean Ambrose Open the WWE Smackdown tonight. In Last Monday Night Raw Show Dean Ambrose destroy the Chris Jericho 15,000$ Jacket. Before that Chris Jericho destroy’s Dean Ambrose Plant. For WWE RAW 10-5-2016 Results and Match Videos >Click here.

Chris Jericho Make his Entrance with lights gone Off. When Lights Come Back Dean Ambrose are lying on ring. Referees came down and separate them.After Chris Stands on Commentary table.

Rusev Vs Sin cara

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WWE United States Champion Kalisto is at Commentry table. and Lana came with Rusev.

Lana Throws Water to Kalisto to distract Sin cara . Sin cara tries to attack Rusev but Finally he connect the Accolade Submission and made him tapout.

Kalsito defeated Sincara by submission.

Winner: Rusev.

Dana Brooke Vs Becky Lynch

Brooke’s First Debut Match in WWE . After distraction of Emma Dana Brooke Wons by Pinfall.

Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch with Debut Match. Congratulation for first victory.

Winner: Dana Brooke.

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The New Day cut promo in ring.The New day interrupted by The Vaudevillains and they got a one on one match Next. Aiden English against Kofi Kingston.

Aiden English Vs Kofi Kingston

Aiden Wins by pinfall with rope assist.

Winner: Aiden English.

WWE Smackdown 13-5-2016 Results
WWE Smackdown 13-5-2016 Results

Roman Reigns in Backstage talking with The Usos , Roman Reigns tells The Usos if AJ  Styles interfere the Match he will be there for them.

AJ Styles also in Backstage talking with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.and promises them he will take care about champ.

The Usos Vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The Match ends with Dis-Qualification.Gallows Ended the match by attacking the Usos by Chair. Referee Call the Bell. Anderson assisted with beating them both down with chairs before leaving.

Winner: The Usos by Dis-Qualification.

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Funny Moments:

Fandango giving Gold Dust for dance lessions. R-Truth & Tyler Breeze taking selfies.

R-Truth and Tyler Breeze Vs Fandango & Gold Dust

Tyler Breeze Ended up the match by pinning Gold Dust.Fandango and Tyler Breeze Attacked Gold Dust & R-Truth. And Left the Ring Together.

Winner: R-Truth and Tyler Breeze.

Ric Flair and Charlotte at Backstage with Renee. Talking about what happened at last monday night Raw.

Charlotte saying Paige beating her was a minor mistake, She says she should decently win at WWE Extreme Rules and defeat Natalya.

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Sami Zayn & Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens & The Miz

The Match Ends with No-Contest. Sami and Cesaro had miscommunication between them.Finally Every one attacked each other.Finally Sami and Cesaro lay  The Miz out to End the Show.

Match Result : No-Contest

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