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WWE Smackdown Live Results 2 August 2016

wwe smackdown live

WWE Smackdown Live :

2nd August 2016.


Checkout WWE Smackdown  Live Results 2 August 2016 : Welcome to WWE Universe for Smackdown Live results blog , get latest  Match highlights, video previews here. American Alpha making WWE Debut tonight.

Smackdown Live from Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN.

Last week Dolph Ziggler became No.1 contender for WWE World championship title. at WWE Summerslam Dean against Dolph for wwe world title.

 WWE Smackdown Live Preview :

  • Former NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha making WWE Debut to seize big blue spot light. WWE Advertised tonight that American Alpha arrives.
  • Who will stand out WWE Smackdown Women’s division ?
  • Is Smackdown Live is ready for Lesar Invasion.
  • WWE World title match turn WWE Smackdown Live upside down ?

WWE Smackdown Live Results 2 August 2016 :

We are seeing Randy Orton at Backstage along with Shane & Daniel Bryan.

All the three are watching clip from Raw when Randy Orton attacks Brock with RKO. Shane says Orton hards everything by attacking brock lesner at last night.

McMahon preparing for the protecting Orton from Brock Lesnar . Randy asks these security is necessary , Shane replies with yes it is. There are lot of secutiy guys near them. Randy Says if Lesner came here, they don’t need security to protect blue team with one RKO  enough to drop brock lesner.

Shane says to security to go off with randy orton and eye out lesnar.

Dean Ambrose Segment :

#1 Contender for WWE Intercontinental Championship match :

Apollo Crews Vs. baron corbin Vs. Kalisto :

Kalisto goes for a diving hurricanrana, but Corbin holds him up. Crews then dropkicks Corbin out of the ring. Crews then grabs Kalisto with a school boy for wins.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

Becky Lynch Vs Eva Marie :

American Alpha Vs. The Vaudevillians :

Jordan tosses him with a leg capture suplex. English then gets caught with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan hits a running shoulder thrust on English. Gable is tagged in, and American Alpha executes Grand Amplitude for the wins.

Winner: American Alpha.

AJ Styles challenge John Cena for Summer Slam :

Randy Orton  Vs. Fandango :

Randy Orton connects with a pair of clotheslines, sidesteps him, and connects with a powerslam. Breeze runs in, and Orton power slams him as well. Fandango rolls to the apron.but Orton grabs him and connects with a draping DDT.

Brock Lesnar laughing at security. Lesnar hops over the barricade and easily gets through security. In the ring, Orton drops Fandango with an RKO. Lesnar immediately gets in the ring and connect F5.

Winner: Randy Orton.

Winner is #1 Contender for WWE World Championship :

Bray Wyatt Vs Dolph Ziggler :

Bray Wyatt runs into a back elbow. Dolph Ziggler bounces Wyatt’s face off the exposed turnbuckle in full view of the referee and isn’t disqualified for some reason. Dolph Ziggler then superkicks him for the wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

Comeback right here for WWE Smackdown live blog results tonight at 8:00PM E.T. Don’t Miss more action at Smackdown Live tonight.

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