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WWE RAW Results – 9/12/16 (Live from Baltimore, Kevin Owens Vs Roman Reigns)

WWE RAW Results – 9/12/16 (Live from Baltimore, Kevin Owens Vs Roman Reigns)


WWE RAW Results 
September 12, 2016  
Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 12, 2016) from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Clash of Champions event scheduled for later this month in Indianapolis, Indiana. Advertised for tonight:

For WWE RAW Results – 9/5/16 Click Here

  • Roman Reigns challenges Kevin Owens for the right to challenge Kevin Owens for the Universal title,
  • match 5 in the Cesaro vs. Sheamus Best-of-7 series, and more!

Main Event : 


*If Reigns wins, he is added to the WWE Universal Championship Match at Clash of Champions

Kevin Owens Vs Roman Reigns


Winner :  Kevin Owens

Quick Match Results:

* Sasha Banks def. Dana Brooke and Bayley
* Bo Dallas def. Brandon Scott
* Cesaro def. Sheamus in Match #5 of a Best of 7 Series
* Alicia Fox NC Nia Jax
* Anderson and Gallows def. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (non-title)
* Jinder Mahal def. Jack Swagger
* Epico def. Enzo Amore
* Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns (non-title)

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& For Tonight Raw Is Live From waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 29, 2016) from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Clash of Champions event scheduled for next month in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out complete WWE RAW 29 AUGUST 2016 Live results below.

Advertised for tonight: A Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new Universal champion, Bayley is going after Charlotte’s women’s title, Braun Strowman is ready to squash, and more!

WWE Universal Championship Match :

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match :

Seth Rollins Vs. Roman Reigns Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Big Cass

Seth Rollins sends Reigns shoulder first to the corner. Seth with a superkick to Cass and gets a two count. Owens jumps off the corner with a big frog splash over Cass and gets the pinfall.

Big Cass Eliminated.

Roman Regins looks dominating Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns spears Rollins in out side ring.

Triple H appears suddenly and submit Pedigree to Roman Reigns. Triple H throws Seth and Roman into ring.Rollins elimiated Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns Eliminated.

Triple H grabbing Kevin Owens back to inside ring. Shockingly Triple H Pedigree Seth Rollins. WWE Universe can’t belive it. Triple H looks Kevin Owens to own it.

Kevin Owens covers Rollins and get the pin fall. New Face of Monday Night Raw Live First ever WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Winner & New WWE Universal Champion : Kevin Owens.

Quick Match Results:

* Chris Jericho def. Neville
* Nia Jax def. Hyan
* Sami Zayn def. Jinder Mahal
* The New Day and Bayley def. Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Dana Brooke
* Sheamus def. Cesaro in match #2 in the best of 7 series
* Braun Strowman def. Americo
* Darren Young def. Titus O’Neil

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WWE Backlash 2016 Latest Promo:

The 2016 event will be the first SmackDown-exclusive pay-per-view following the newly reinstated brand extension. It will be held at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia on September 11, 2016.

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WWE Raw Live Results :

From Corpus Christi, Texas.


Check out WWE Raw 15 August 2016 Live Results: Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Results blog from Corpus Christi, Texas. Brock Lesnar resurfaces before WWE Raw Pay Per View SummerSlam 2016.

Both Beast Brock and Paul Heyman would appear at WWE Raw Live Show to make hype match against Randy Orton. Brock want to make some statements about Randy. Don’t Miss tonight actioned packed raw episode.

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results Live from Atlanta. Check out the latest WWE Raw Live Blog Results, Raw Video Highlights., and Latest happenings on WWE highlights.

WWE Raw August 15, 2016 Preview

Brock Lesner with Paul Heyman to address Randy Orton : Brock is trying to make his match hype Before Biggest Event WWE SummerSlam 2016 pay per view.

Will Roman Reigns spoils Rusev & Lana night yer again?

Seth Rollins to destruct The Demon King.

How will The New Day similar attack against Luke & Karl Anderson?

Charlotte goes solo !

WWE Raw 15 August 2016 Live Results

U.S. Champion Rusev demanded an apology from Roman Reigns

wwe raw 16 august 2016-1

Foley giving him an opportunity to do so in a non-title bout against Reigns later tonight.Last week, Lana got her face inadvertently shoved into a wedding cake. Now, it’s her husband’s turn to get himself mired in a messy situation. he vowed to hijack Raw until the No. 1 contender apologized.

Sheamus vs. Sami Zayn

wwe raw 16 august 2016-2

Before the match, Zayn threw his shirt at Sheamus. Sheamus locks up and tackles Zayn. The referee breaks it up and officially starts the match .Zayn is firing himself up in the corner. Sheamus catches Zayn with the Irish Curse Backbreaker in the corner. Sheamus backs up to the corner calling for the Brogue Kick. Cesaro leaves the commentary table and distracts Sheamus. This allows Zayn to connect with his big boot in the corner and get the pinfall on Sheamus.

Winner: Sami Zayn

The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

wwe raw 16 august 2016-3

The bell rings and we start with Xavier Woods and D-Von Dudley.D-Von tags himself in and accidentally clotheslines Bubba. Bubba rolls out, tag to Kofi, Woods pushes D-Von away and Kofi with a cross body. Kofi connects with Trouble in Paradise on D-Von and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day

Nia Jax vs. Rachel Levy

wwe raw 16 august 2016-6

Jax throws Rachel back inside the ring, puts her on her shoulders and then drives her back down hard into the mat to get the pinfall.

Winner: Nia Jax

Break Lesnar returns to RAW

wwe raw 16 august 2016-8

Paul Heyman goes to introduce himself when Heath Slater’s music hits to Slater introduces himself as the hottest free agent in sports entertainment today

wwe raw 16 august 2016-5

Heyman starts laughing asking why he would care about Heath Slater. Slater tells Heyman to laugh it up. He said he has been given an opportunity to get a RAW contract and an appearance at SummerSlam if he can beat Brock Lesnar tonight. Slater is asking Heyman for permission to go one-on-one with his client Brock Lesnar. Heyman said Its Not A Joke & After Brock Takes Slater Into a SUPLEX CITY & Lesnar picks up Slater and hits an F5. Lesnar kicks Slater out of the ring.

Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore vs. Kevin Owens w/ Chris Jericho

wwe raw 16 august 2016-7

Kevin Owens with kicks early to Big Cass. Owens attempts a powerbomb on Cass on the outside, but Cass counters with a back body drop. Jericho with a cheap shot on Enzo. Cass sees this and starts chasing down Jericho. Cass with a shot on Owens when he rolls out. Jericho attacks Cass at ringside. The referee then immediately calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Big Cass

After the match, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens toss Big Cass into the ring barricade. They throw Cass in and Cass fights back with right hands. Owens with superkick and Jericho with a Codebreaker on Cass. Owens yells, “You aren’t so big now are ya?

The Prime Time Players w/ Bob Backlund vs. The Shining Stars

wwe raw 16 august 2016-9

As They started with Young and Epico. Headlock counters and Titus tags himself in. Titus is talking to Bob Backlund when Darren is pushed into Titus. Primo gets a close two count. Darren catches Primo with a big right hand. Titus with a Clash of the Titus on Young. Backlund yells at Titus. Primo hooks the leg of Darren and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Shining Stars

Jinder Mahal vs. Neville

wwe raw 16 august 2016-10

Neville flips off the corner, connects with a series of kicks to the body of Mahal and then a jumping big boot. Neville with a kick to the back of the head of Mahal. Neville is going up to the top turnbuckle. Neville with his 450 Splash and connects to get the pinfall on Mahal.

Winner: Neville

Seth Rollins calls out The Demon King

wwe raw 16 august 2016-11

Seth Rollins is inside the ring.He said Finn Balor is scared of him.Rollins said The Demon King is terrified of him.Finn Balor, I am the face of your failure.A fan jumps inside the ring and tries to go after Rollins. Rollins stops talking and starts laughing.

wwe raw 16 august 2016-12

The lights start to go in and out as we hear Balor’s familiar entrance music. The lights then go completely out. Red light starts to fill the entrance area. Smoke is all over the place as we see Finn Balor dressed as The Demon King stand up.

The Golden Truth vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

wwe raw 16 august 2016-13

Goldust dumps Gallows over the top rope. Anderson with a knee to the back of Goldust. Anderson with a shot to Truth and tags Gallows back in. Gallows and Anderson with The Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods attacked Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.New Day smiles as Gallows and Anderson bail.

Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

wwe raw 16 august 2016-14

Lock up and Charlotte pushes Alicia Fox to the corner. Fox with a roll up for a two count and then a series of dropkicks on Charlotte. Charlotte with kicks to Fox. Charlotte trips up Fox off the turnbuckle. Charlotte with the Natural Selection on Fox and gets the pinfall. Winner: Charlotte

Winner: Charlotte

Non-Title Match

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

Winner : Roman Reigns By. Pinfall

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WWE SummerSlam Match Card : Don’t go away we cover live blog results for WWE SummerSlam 2016 come back here on August 22nd, 2016 here. For now, check out Match card and note your favorite matches right now.

  • At WWE Summer Slam 2k16 Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins for WWE Universal Champion title. Who will win and who will lose make the comment below.
  • Brock Lesnar Against Randy Orton at WWE Summer Slam 2016. Does Randy venom against Beast?
  • Dean Ambrose against Dolph Ziggler for WWE World Heavy Weight Championship title.
  • John Cena against AJ Styles.
  • Roman Reigns against Rusev for WWE U.S Championship title.
  • The Miz against Apollo Crews.

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WWE Raw 26 July 2016 Live Results – WWE Raw Live

WWE Raw 26 July 2016 Live Results :

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Chekout WWE Raw 26 July 2016 Live Results here. WWE Raw New Era Beigns check full match results, video previews, match highlights and more. Also WWE Raw announces  Brand New Champion title name ?

WWE Raw Pre-show July 26, 2016 :

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley announce the WWE Universal Championship :

WWE Raw 26-7-2016 Live Results :

  • Finn Balor def. Cesaro , Rusev and Owens.
  • Nia Jax def. Britt Baker.
  • Roman Reigns def. Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Sami Zyan.
  • Neville def. Curtis Axel.
  • Sasha Banks def. Charlotte and win WWE Women’s championship title.
  • Braun Strowman def. James Ellsworth.
  • Enzo Amore & Big Cass def. The Shining Stars.
  • Finn Balor def. Roman Reigns and became No.1 contender for WWE Universal Champion title.

At WWE Summer Slam 2k16 Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins for WWE Universal Champion title.

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WWE Raw 10-5-2016 Results- WWE Raw Live Results

WWE RAW Results-WWEIndia1
< WWE Raw 10-5-2016 Results : Welcome to WWE Raw Live Results on 10th May 2016.The video recaps the events happen at last Monday night raw. Recap about Roman and The Usos Vs AJ Syles and Anderson & Gallows.

WWE Raw 10-5-2016 Results :

Let’s Catch out WWE Raw 1oth May 2016 Live Results. WWEIndia.Net Gives you Live WWE Results, Rumors and  Live News.

Chris Jericho Highlight Reel Show :


Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Carbon :

Baron Corbin then annihilates him with a dangerous looking Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin gets up and puts his foot on Ziggler’s head while posing for the crowd. Ziggler surprises him with a roll-up for a near fall. Corbin counters an avalanche with snake eyes before connecting with the End of Days for the wins

Winner : Baron Carbon 

**Commercial Break ** Welcome back to wwe raw 10-5-2016 results **LIVE**

Shane McMahon is talking in phone at backstage when Charlotte walks in ric flair . Flair Congratulates Shane and says they love what Shane did at WrestleMania. Charlotte also doesn’t think it’s fair that her sister banned his father from ring side.No one had did more for business than his father. Charloote ask Shane to reverse the decision that Stephanie did.

Shane responds on saying Stephanie decision Stands, and she has to learn how to stand on her own feet . Flair looks angry and Charlotte accepts that and walk off.

Fandango Vs R-Truth :

R-Truth punches out and hits the ropes. and  Fandango dropkicks him down. Goldust gets on the apron, and he dances with Fandango. Tyler Breeze gets on the apron and argues. Fandango knocks R-Truth into the ropes, knocking Breeze off. R-Truth hits the Lie Detector for the wins.

Winner: R-Truth.

Kevin Owens , Cesaro, The Miz at Shane and Stephanie McMahon’s Office. Stephanie says that they would be a Triple Threat Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship. The Miz Argues that he doesn’t had to be pinned to lose the match.

Sami Zyan comes in and ask them to make him a part on wwe intercontinental champion. Kevin Owens mentions that he already destroys him at payback. Shane Says Zyan does have the opportunity for Match at Extreme Rules when he Wins the match tonight against with Miz.

Charlotte Vs Paige :

Charlotte pins her with her feet on the ropes, when Natalya gets on the apron to warn the referee. Paige connects with a fall-away slam for a near fall. Ric Flair makes his way to the ring to a big reception. Flair confronts Natalya at ringside. Charlotte takes Paige down with a back-breaker.

Shane McMahon Music hits , he comes out with bunch of referees to kick out Ric Flair out of the Ring side.

Paige Sidesteps Charlotte and rolls her up for wins the match.

Winner: Paige.

**Commercial Break ** Welcome back to wwe raw 10-5-2016 results **LIVE**

 Sami Zyan Vs The Miz

Sami Zayn goes for a sunset flip, but Miz sits on the shoulders and grabs the ropes. The referee sees this and stops the count. Miz flips out on him. Miz charges, but Zayn catches him with an exploder suplex into the corner. Zayn connects with a Helluva Kick for the wins.

Winner: Sami Zyan.

Sin Cara Vs Rusev :

Rusev makes  for the end, but Kalisto gets on the apron. Lana gets on as well. With the referee distracted, Kalisto kicks Rusev in the head as he tries to attack. Cara then rolls Rusev up for the wins.

Winner: Sin Cara.

**Commercial Break ** Welcome back to wwe raw 10-5-2016 results **LIVE**

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns & The Usos :

AJ Styles then kicks him out of the ring. Styles takes him out with a Phenomenal Forearm plancha! Styles angrily starts clearing off the commentary table. Reigns comes back by sending him into the apron before throwing Styles over the table. Reigns goes to grab Styles, but Karl Anderson hits him in the back with a steel chair.

Match Ends with Dis Qualification.

Winner: Roman Reigns and The Usos./via Dis.Qualification.

Zack Ryder Vs Kevin Owens :

Zack Ryder connects with a flying elbow drop for a near fall. Owens counters out of the Rough Ryder and superkicks him down. Owens connects with a Pop-up Powerbomb to win the match.

Winner: Kevin Owens.

**Commercial Break ** Welcome back to wwe raw 10-5-2016 results.

The New Day Vs The Dudley Boyz :

Big E leapfrogs D-Von and takes him down. Bubba runs in, and Big E gives him Belly-To-Booty. The New Day then starts a unicorn stampede. The Vaudevillains attack Xavier Woods at ringside. In the ring, D-Von turns Kingston inside out with a clothesline for the wins.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz.

Chris Jericho Vs Big Class :


Some one attacks Chirs Jericho on Entrance and he Wear the Jacket and he walk down towards ring. When the light gets ON then all known it’s Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose unwear the Jacket and he plays with Jacket. Chris Jericho was shouting out on saying Jacket Costs 15,000$ . Then Ambrose tear down the jacket and Chis Jericho Runs towards Jacket to save.

Jericho Attacks the Ambrose and he picks the Jacket and making to leave the spot. But when he tries to leave Big Class Grabs him and Sends him to Barricade.

After that Big Class Grabs the Chris and Sends him to Dean Ambrose. Then Ambrose connects the Dirty Deeds to Chris Jericho and tear down the Jacket.

Shane and Stephanie Watching this They made piece of jokes about Chris Jericho Jacket. Shane says he really welcomes the new Stephanie attitude and says they got well for tonight.After that Shane went to talk for call then Stephanie took the shane days young picture and Smirk.

But at Ring Chris Jericho is crying like anything. He wear ripped Jacket and Shouting and looks like Frustrated. Ambrose just walks off.

WWE Raw Live Quick Results :

Baron Carbon def. Dolph Ziggler

R-Truth def. Fandango.

Paige def. Charlotte.

Sin Cara def. Rusev.

Roman Reigns & The usos def. Styles, Anderson, Galloes via DQ.

Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder.

The Dudley Boyz def. The New Day.

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WWE Raw Results – 4/19/16

WWE RAW Results-WWEIndia1

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
April 19,2016

Welcome to Monday Night Raw Live blog Updates.


Ambrose Asylum :

Sami Zyan Vs Chris Jericho :

sami Zayn follows him outside and dives through the turnbuckles to catch him with a tornado DDT! Zayn gets him in the ring and sets up for the Helluva Kick, but Jericho ducks down in fear. The referee backs Zayn up, and Jericho pokes him in the eye. Jericho then connects with a Codebreaker for the wins.

Winner : Chris Jericho


#1 Contender for Tag Team Tournament Semi final match

Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore Vs The Dudley Boyz

Bubba accidentally hits D-Von with a club when Cass moves. Cass then big boots Bubba down. Enzo is tagged in, and they catch Bubba with the Rocket Launcher for the wins..

Winner : Coli Wn Cassady & Enzo Amore

Roman Reigns Music Hits, He comes out with Massive Boos and Negative Response from Crowd.

Roman saying HE is not a good guy, He is not a bad guy. HE is just Guy. AJ Styles is a tough Guy he is World traveled champion and great technical wrestler that makes him Phenomenal.

Styles tries to out wrestle him but it doesn’t works out because he bringing big fight at Payback.This id Era of Roman Empire. The Crowd Boos  loudly.

AJ Styles Music hits with Huge Massive reception. Crows chats “AJ Styles” Chant. CATCH Out video below

Fandango Vs Baron Corbin 

Baron Corbin then throws Fandango into Dolph Ziggler. Corbin grabs Fandango and kicks Ziggler in the midsection. Corbin gets Fandango in the ring and connects with the End of Days for the wins

Winner : Baron Corbin.

The Miz and Leauge of Nations Vs Cesaro & The New Day :

Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale on Big E, but Big E powers out and counters into the Big Ending. Sheamus then powerslams Big E. Cesaro counters a tilt-a-whirl from Sheamus into the Gotch Neutralizer for the wins

Winner’s : Cesaro & The New day.

Natalya, Becky Lynch, Paige, Sasha Banks Vs Team B.A.D, Summer Rae and Charlotte :

Natalya  dropkicks her in the face. Summer rae soon fights her off and connects with a spin kick. Charlotte is tagged in, and Natalya takes her out with a Discus Clothesline. All the women run in and clear each other out. Natalya counters out of the Figure Eight and applies the Sharpshooter and wins

Winner’s: Natalya , Becky Lynch, Paige & Sasha Banks.

#1 Contender for Tag Team Championship Semi Final Match

The Vaudevillains vs The Usos

Jimmy throws Gotch out of the ring and follows him out, but Gotch throws him into the barricade. Jey then wipes him out with a suicide dive. English kicks Jey in his injured shoulder and sends him into the ring post. They connect with the Whirling Dervish for the wins

Winner by pinfall : The Vaudevvillains

Apollo Crews Vs The Heath Slater :

Apollo Crews then connects with a cross-body block, but Slater rolls through and picks up a near fall. Crews takes him out with a leaping enzuigiri and a spinning sit-out powerbomb for the wins

Winner by pinfall : Apollo Crews



Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose 

Owens counters Dean into a swinging fisherman’s superplex for a near fall! Owens sets Ambrose up and goes to the top rope. Dean Ambrose gets his knees up to counter the frog splash.

Dean Ambrose avoids a cannonball and rolls him up before rolling through and connecting with Dirty Deeds for winning tonight.

Winner: Dean Ambrose




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WWE Raw Results – 4/12/16

WWE RAW Results-WWEIndia1

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
April 11, 2016
Los Angeles, California

Welcome to Monday Night Raw Live blog Updates. As per Social Media overwhelming support for Shane McMahon again This Raw was handled by Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon Makes his way to ring and Crowd chants “Shane O’Mac” Shane feels good to be here. The Shane Back to Control Monday Night RAW and he Says ” This Credit Goes to all his fans they are the Reason he’s is back.

Shane Thanks them all and Crowd Chants ” Thank You”. Shane Says We have new superstars, New Opportunities, New Matches up tonight !.

Natalya Challenged Charlotte for WWE Women’s Championship Match.

Shane McMahon says Sami Zyan will get another opputunity tonight, As he face AJ Styles. If Sami Zyan wins tonight and there will be triple Threat Match for WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Match. Crowd chants “YES”.

But Kevin Owens Music Hits and Interrupted Shane McMahon : WWE Raw 12th April 2016.


Kevin Owens confronted Shane McMahon


#1 Contender for WWE Intercontinental Championship Match :

Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro
Cesaro takes him down for a Cesaro Swing! but he can’t spin him too much because his injured shoulder gives out. Owens sends him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Cesaro counters into a hurricanrana, rolls through, and connects with a Neutralizer for the wins

Winner :
Cesaro def. Kevin Owens to become No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship


#1 Contender Tag Team Tournament First Match

The Dudley Boyz Vs The Lucha Dragons :

Sin Cara kicks and chops D-Von before ducking a clothesline and hitting a springboard moonsault block for a near fall. Bubba blind tags in, and they botch a 3D attempt. The do it again and connect with it clean. D-Von covers, but he’s not the legal guy. Bubba then covers for the wins

Winner’s :
The Dudley Boyz def. The Lucha Dragons to advance in the No. 1 Contenders’ Tag Team Tournament, sponsored by Booty-O’s


WWE RAW Results-WWEIndia2

The League of Nations confronted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns:

So Roman Reigns says he’s the guy. Fair enough. That means he’s got to deal with the pressure. On Monday, said pressure arrived in the form of The League of Nations, now one Englishman light and looking for a rumble with the self-proclaimed face of the company. As the WWE Universe well knows, Reigns has no issue with One Versus All, but The Wyatt Family chose that moment to appear out of thin air and beat The League of Nations back right as they began to overwhelm The Big Dog.

With tensions mounting, Shane McMahon cooled the situation with a compromise by decreeing two of the League’s members would battle in Raw’s main event as a tag team against Roman Reigns and a Superstar who’s both The Big Dog’s sworn enemy and the League’s current scourge: Bray Wyatt. Innnnteresting.

WWE Women’s Championship Match :

Natalya Vs Charlotte(*c) :
Ric Flair tries to grab his daughter to pull her out of the ring, but he can’t reach her. Flair then pulls the referee out of the ring. Charlotte begins to tap out as the referee calls for the bell. Lilian Garcia announces that Natalya has won by disqualification, but Charlotte is still the WWE Women’s champion.

Winner ::
WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Natalya via Disqualification

#1 Contender for Tag Team tournament First Round Match

The Usos Vs Health Slater & Curtis Axel :
Curtis Axel stomps him and talks trash. Slater is tagged back in. Axel avalanches Jey before sending him into a side kick from Slater for a near fall. The Social Outcasts then start running around the ring celebrating. Jimmy is tagged in, and he rolls Slater up as he gets in the ring for the wins

Winner’s :
The Usos def. Heath Slater & Curtis Axel to advancAfter the Match Karl Anderson & Doc Gallws Attacks Usos.

After the Match:-
Karl Anderson Knocks Jey Uso out of ring where Jimmy Down while Gallows Big Boots. They Hit Jimmy with Magic Killer & Double team Neck Breaker. @out side Gallows sends Jey into Steel Steps and Referre run down and send them.

Karl & Doc then Leaves Through Crowd give huge ovation to them.

One on One Match 

AJ Styles Vs Sami Zyan:
AJ Styles goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Zayn backflips through and lands on his head, but he quickly pops up and dropkicks him in the face! Zayn waits for Styles to get up for the Helluva Kick, but Styles boots him in the face. Styles then lays him out with the Phenomenal Forearm for the wins

Winner by pinfall :
AJ Styles def. Sami Zayn


One on One Match

Adam Rose Vs Apollo Crews :
Apollo Crews then connects with a suplex. Crews ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of right hands. Crews avalanches him and connects with a back elbow. Crews kips up and scares Dallas off the apron. Crews blocks a super kick and connects with a step-up enzuigiri. Crews then connects with a Spin-out Power bomb for the wins

Winner : Apollo Crews


Dean Ambrose transformed ‘The Highlight Reel’ into ‘The Ambrose Asylum’

Cesaro spoils The Miz Performances :


Dr.Phil Advices to Charlotte :


Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt Vs Sheamus , Alberto Del rio :

Reigns runs in and clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Reigns goes for a leaping clothesline off the steps, but Sheamus punches him before sending him into the steel steps to the delight of the crowd.

Rusev kicks Wyatt : Wyatt Family’s video flashes on the screen and the lights go out. Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman are come back and shown attacking Rusev.

Del Rio threatens them with the steel steps before getting back in the ring. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Wyatt counters into Sister Abigail.Roman Reigns spears Sheamus before he can break up the pin. Wyatt picks up the win’s the Main Event tonight.

Bray wyatt Excel Fight Show tonight !

Winner by Pinfall :

Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt def. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio


Quick Match Results:

*Cesaro def. Kevin Owens
*The Dudley Boyz def. The Lucha Dragons
*Natalya def. Charlotte via DQ in a WWE Women’s Championship match
*The Usos def. The Social Outcasts
*AJ Styles def. Sami Zayn
*Apollo Crews def. Adam Rose
*Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns def. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio

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WWE RAW Results – March 28, 2016-WWEIndia.Net

WWE RAW Quick Match Results ::

#‎Opening‬: The Undertaker’s music bellows throughout the arena as he makes his way to the ring. Michael Cole notes that the people are on their feet to show appreciation for the greatest of all time, The Undertaker. Undertaker grabs a microphone and says this WrestleMania will not be his last. He has made it clear to Vince McMahon that the blood of his son with be on Mr. McMahon’s hands. Mr. McMahon’s blood, however may be on The Undertakers hands. WrestleMania is his yard, and hell in a cell is his playground. At WrestleMania Shane will rest in piece. As Undertaker finishes his thought, Shane McMahon’s music hits and he dances out to the ramp.

Undertaker tells Shane that he is just like his old man. It figures since the day Shane was born he has been his daddy’s bitch. Shane lunges at Undertaker and lands a few punches. Undertaker shrugs it off and tosses Shane over the top rope with ease. Undertaker tosses Shane into the barricade over and over again. Undertaker tries to give Shane the last ride on the announce table. Shane fights out of it and kicks Undertaker in the gut. Shane picks up a case from the bottom if the ring and clocks Undertaker in the head with it over and over again. Undertaker is left laying the announce table. Shane mounts the top rope and hits the leap of faith elbow off the top driving Undertaker through the announce table. Shane stumbles to his feet and walks up the ramp. Shane turns around and Undertaker sits up and does the classic Undertaker throat cut taunt.

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Shane McMahon’s devastating elbow drop couldn’t keep The Deadman down


Zack Ryder def. Chris Jericho

wwe raw


Charlotte def. Becky Lynch

wwe raw1


Big Show & Kane vs. The Social Outcasts ended in a No Contest

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Reigns once again powered through The Authority en route to WrestleMania

wwe 0q


Kofi Kingston def. Alberto Del Rio

wwe 0qq



Kalisto def. Konnor


Ambrose collected implements of destruction for his WrestleMania clash with The Beast


Emma def. Paige



Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn & Sin Cara def. Kevin Owens, The Miz & Stardust



Triple H and Roman Reigns engaged in a monumental brawl heading into WrestleMania

‪#‎End_of_Show‬: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are back out to the ring
Stephanie tells us that no matter how much we want change we will not get it at WrestleMania. Triple H says he has heard the chatter about him running away and attacking from behind. There is to much on the line to worry about that. Reigns’ music hits and he limps down the ramp. Triple H and Reigns lock horns on the ramp. Triple H sends Reigns into the ring post. Reigns gets up and tosses Triple H into the barricade. Reigns clotheslines Triple H over the time keepers table. All of the heels in the back come out and restrain Reigns. All of the faces in the back come out and restrain Reigns. Triple H retreats up the ramp. Reigns is in the ring being held back by the Usos. Triple H comes back to the ring and heel hold him. Reigns dives over the top rope and takes out everyone! Triple H crawls up the ramp to Stephanie as the show goes off the air.


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