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WWE Raw Live Results :

From Corpus Christi, Texas.


Check out WWE Raw 15 August 2016 Live Results: Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Results blog from Corpus Christi, Texas. Brock Lesnar resurfaces before WWE Raw Pay Per View SummerSlam 2016.

Both Beast Brock and Paul Heyman would appear at WWE Raw Live Show to make hype match against Randy Orton. Brock want to make some statements about Randy. Don’t Miss tonight actioned packed raw episode.

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results Live from Atlanta. Check out the latest WWE Raw Live Blog Results, Raw Video Highlights., and Latest happenings on WWE highlights.

WWE Raw August 15, 2016 Preview

Brock Lesner with Paul Heyman to address Randy Orton : Brock is trying to make his match hype Before Biggest Event WWE SummerSlam 2016 pay per view.

Will Roman Reigns spoils Rusev & Lana night yer again?

Seth Rollins to destruct The Demon King.

How will The New Day similar attack against Luke & Karl Anderson?

Charlotte goes solo !

WWE Raw 15 August 2016 Live Results

U.S. Champion Rusev demanded an apology from Roman Reigns

wwe raw 16 august 2016-1

Foley giving him an opportunity to do so in a non-title bout against Reigns later tonight.Last week, Lana got her face inadvertently shoved into a wedding cake. Now, it’s her husband’s turn to get himself mired in a messy situation. he vowed to hijack Raw until the No. 1 contender apologized.

Sheamus vs. Sami Zayn

wwe raw 16 august 2016-2

Before the match, Zayn threw his shirt at Sheamus. Sheamus locks up and tackles Zayn. The referee breaks it up and officially starts the match .Zayn is firing himself up in the corner. Sheamus catches Zayn with the Irish Curse Backbreaker in the corner. Sheamus backs up to the corner calling for the Brogue Kick. Cesaro leaves the commentary table and distracts Sheamus. This allows Zayn to connect with his big boot in the corner and get the pinfall on Sheamus.

Winner: Sami Zayn

The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

wwe raw 16 august 2016-3

The bell rings and we start with Xavier Woods and D-Von Dudley.D-Von tags himself in and accidentally clotheslines Bubba. Bubba rolls out, tag to Kofi, Woods pushes D-Von away and Kofi with a cross body. Kofi connects with Trouble in Paradise on D-Von and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day

Nia Jax vs. Rachel Levy

wwe raw 16 august 2016-6

Jax throws Rachel back inside the ring, puts her on her shoulders and then drives her back down hard into the mat to get the pinfall.

Winner: Nia Jax

Break Lesnar returns to RAW

wwe raw 16 august 2016-8

Paul Heyman goes to introduce himself when Heath Slater’s music hits to Slater introduces himself as the hottest free agent in sports entertainment today

wwe raw 16 august 2016-5

Heyman starts laughing asking why he would care about Heath Slater. Slater tells Heyman to laugh it up. He said he has been given an opportunity to get a RAW contract and an appearance at SummerSlam if he can beat Brock Lesnar tonight. Slater is asking Heyman for permission to go one-on-one with his client Brock Lesnar. Heyman said Its Not A Joke & After Brock Takes Slater Into a SUPLEX CITY & Lesnar picks up Slater and hits an F5. Lesnar kicks Slater out of the ring.

Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore vs. Kevin Owens w/ Chris Jericho

wwe raw 16 august 2016-7

Kevin Owens with kicks early to Big Cass. Owens attempts a powerbomb on Cass on the outside, but Cass counters with a back body drop. Jericho with a cheap shot on Enzo. Cass sees this and starts chasing down Jericho. Cass with a shot on Owens when he rolls out. Jericho attacks Cass at ringside. The referee then immediately calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Big Cass

After the match, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens toss Big Cass into the ring barricade. They throw Cass in and Cass fights back with right hands. Owens with superkick and Jericho with a Codebreaker on Cass. Owens yells, “You aren’t so big now are ya?

The Prime Time Players w/ Bob Backlund vs. The Shining Stars

wwe raw 16 august 2016-9

As They started with Young and Epico. Headlock counters and Titus tags himself in. Titus is talking to Bob Backlund when Darren is pushed into Titus. Primo gets a close two count. Darren catches Primo with a big right hand. Titus with a Clash of the Titus on Young. Backlund yells at Titus. Primo hooks the leg of Darren and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Shining Stars

Jinder Mahal vs. Neville

wwe raw 16 august 2016-10

Neville flips off the corner, connects with a series of kicks to the body of Mahal and then a jumping big boot. Neville with a kick to the back of the head of Mahal. Neville is going up to the top turnbuckle. Neville with his 450 Splash and connects to get the pinfall on Mahal.

Winner: Neville

Seth Rollins calls out The Demon King

wwe raw 16 august 2016-11

Seth Rollins is inside the ring.He said Finn Balor is scared of him.Rollins said The Demon King is terrified of him.Finn Balor, I am the face of your failure.A fan jumps inside the ring and tries to go after Rollins. Rollins stops talking and starts laughing.

wwe raw 16 august 2016-12

The lights start to go in and out as we hear Balor’s familiar entrance music. The lights then go completely out. Red light starts to fill the entrance area. Smoke is all over the place as we see Finn Balor dressed as The Demon King stand up.

The Golden Truth vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

wwe raw 16 august 2016-13

Goldust dumps Gallows over the top rope. Anderson with a knee to the back of Goldust. Anderson with a shot to Truth and tags Gallows back in. Gallows and Anderson with The Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods attacked Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.New Day smiles as Gallows and Anderson bail.

Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

wwe raw 16 august 2016-14

Lock up and Charlotte pushes Alicia Fox to the corner. Fox with a roll up for a two count and then a series of dropkicks on Charlotte. Charlotte with kicks to Fox. Charlotte trips up Fox off the turnbuckle. Charlotte with the Natural Selection on Fox and gets the pinfall. Winner: Charlotte

Winner: Charlotte

Non-Title Match

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

Winner : Roman Reigns By. Pinfall

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WWE SummerSlam Match Card : Don’t go away we cover live blog results for WWE SummerSlam 2016 come back here on August 22nd, 2016 here. For now, check out Match card and note your favorite matches right now.

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  • Roman Reigns against Rusev for WWE U.S Championship title.
  • The Miz against Apollo Crews.

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