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WWE Extreme Rules 22-5-2016 Results Live -WWE Live results

Checkout WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live results here. After Payback WWE come with WWE Extreme Rules Pay per view event. Which WWE Universe had huge buzz about his Extreme Rules 2016 Edition. WWE had Huge powerful Matches on this Sunday Extreme Rules 2016 results live stream here.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 :

The Power of Mania , powerful matches, Hard core Fight, Championship Matches will Hi-Fi the WWE Universe this Sunday at Extreme Rules 2016. WWE India Provide Live Blog on WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results on this sunday. Stay tune for Live WWE Extreme Rules, Extreme Rules Full Match results 2016.

This is Second pay per view on this Year 2016.This is Eight Edition of WWE Extreme Rules, Which Started at 2009 year.

Fans of India Not able to see  WWE Action live. But Ten sports Network is Expected to telecast Extreme Rules 2016 on May 23, 2016.

If you want to catch this WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Event for free then Sign up for WWE Network  here. the User will need to subscription to access the Live matches, Talk Shows, Podcast on wwe network.

How Ever the New Users to WWE who Register WWE Network for first time will able to access the Extreme Rules 2016 Live free for One Month @WWE Extreme Rules 2016.

Then Catch up Extreme Rules 2016 Live here for free if you sign up for first time at Network.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results :

The Main Attraction of  Extreme Rules 2016 is Main Match Roman Reigns Vs AJ Styles for WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. and First Ever Asylum Match Between Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho. WWE Women’s Championship also created viral on Internet because Ric Flair is banned from Ring side.

So Let’s Checkup WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Match Cards :

No disqualification Match

Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- dolph ziggler

No Disqualification match is line up and announced on WWE Monday Night Raw. It’s a kick off show.

Winner : Baron Corbin.

WWE United States Championship Match :

Kalisto (C) Vs Rusev  :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE United states championship match

Rusev wins on No.1 contender Battle Royal Match on WWE Raw and get a chance to Face WWE United sates Champion Kalsito on WWE Extreme Rules.

Kalisto faces a Gigantic Challenger  The Bulgarian Brute Rusev.  Let’s Catch up who will wins WWE United States title now. Is it Again kalisto or Rusev.

Winner : Rusev.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day (c) Vs The Vaudevillians :

WWE Extreme rules 2016 tag team match

WWE Tag Team champions The New day dominated tag ranks . This Extreme Rules Catch out . As The No.1 Contenders Proved That They Can Be The WWE Tag Team Champions!.As They Been No.1 Contenders By Defeating Enzo Amore .

Winner: The New day.

Tag Team Tornado Match

The Usos Vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- wwe tag team match

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows started their attack on Roman Reigns. Then Usos Came to Save Roman Reigns and after Match between The Usos Vs karl Anderson and Luke Gallows match is added to WWE Extreme Rules Match cards.

Winners : Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows.

Asylum Match

Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- Dean Ambrose

This is Biggest rivalry in recent times.  Dean Ambrose tear down Chris 15,000$ Worth Jacket then Actual Part comes to happen. Then Shane McMahon Gives the accepts the Dean Ambrose Asylum Match.

Asylum Match is all new to WWE and Let’s Watch at @Extreme Rules 2016.

Winner: Dean Amrbose.

Fatal 4 Way  Match

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match :

The Miz Vs Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro Vs Sami Zyan :

WWE Extreme rules 2016

Four WWE Super stars is fighying for WWE Intercontinental championship match at this Sunday. It’s a fatal four way match.

Checkout who wins WWE Intercontinental championship title at WWE Extreme Rules 2016.

Winner: The Miz.

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte Vs Natalya :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE Women's Championship Match

At Payback Charlotte wins the WWE Women’s champion. Charloote is first champion to be Women’s Champion in WWE History Records. After Payback Every one tries to get championship match.

But with Shane help Natalya Got a match on WWE Extreme Rules 2016. Let’s See If Natalya Submission works on Extreme Rules at this Sunday.

Winner: Charlotte Still WWE Women’s champion.

Extreme Rules Match

WWE World Heavy Weight Champion :

Roman Reigns Vs AJ Styles :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE world heavy weight championship match

Roman Reigns Wins and defeat AJ Styles at WWE Payback. AJ Styles again get a second chance for WWE World Heavy weight championship Match Pay per view.

Winner: Roman Reigns still WWE World heavy Weight champion.

Seth Rollins came back and attacks Roman Reigns :

wwe extreme rules 2016 results -seth rollings returns

Roman Reigns Starts Celebrating Victory.

Surprise is Came Back Seth Rollins Returns at WWE Extreme Rules and Connects Pedigree to Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins Grab the WWE Title and Featured in WWE Extreme Rules 2016.


Watch Extreme Rules 2016 Results Live stream here.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview, Match Card & Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules 2016  : The Next WWE Popular PPV Event is happening at 2nd May 2016 for WWE Extreme Rules 2016.At WWE Payback WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Match Main Event Roman Reigns Retained his title.

Now Again After WWE Payback AJ Styles again challenging Roman reigns at Extreme Rules for WWE World Heavy Wright championship match.

Extreme Rules Matches followed by Fatel Four way match for WWE Intercontinental championship Match.Tag team Match and WWE Women’s Championship match.

Check out full details Below about WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Match Card, Preview & Predictions.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 :

Roman Reigns Vs AJ Styles ( WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Match )

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE world heavy weight championship match


After Payback pay per view The clash between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles Get Started and that to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows added to AJ Styles and made attacked to roman reigns at WWE Raw. After Usos Added to Roman Reigns .But Now it’s not a play time.

WWE Extreme Rules PPV 2016 coming out and  WWE World Heavy Weight Championship match Is Roman Reigns Vs The Phenomenal AJ Styles. We already seen a amazing match at WWE Payback between Roman and AJ. Both Roman & AJ Styles had tag team back.

Steels ,Chairs, kendo Sticks, Tables, Even more can be a part of this Main Event . The Usos & Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows will interfere Match.But Roman Reigns may retains his title back.

Seth Rollins May Return Shortly and reignite his force with Roman Reigns.

Checkout At 22nd May 2016 for WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live Results Here at WWEIndia.Net

Submission Match :

Charlotte Vs Natalya ( WWE Women’s Champion) :

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE Women's Championship Match


Shane McMahon announced that The Legendary Ric Flair banded around the ringside after being screwed at WWE Payback. Natalya got her rematch at WWE Extreme Rules with the tougher stipulation. They both got good submissions in their back but Charlotte has a Plan B, which she could guide any other in an interference but we can’t say that could probably be. Be know that the mystery individual will show up and let Charlotte cheat again connects with the figure fore lock and referee calls the bell due to Natalya unconscious.

WWE Intercontinental Champion match:

The Miz vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Sami zayn(Fatel 4 way match)

WWE Extreme rules 2016


The Miz held onto his Intercontinental Championship by the skin of his teeth then Owens flatted in their match at PPV encounter Zayn got some revenge after the bell rang. Cesaro lost the match due to the outside brawl  between Owens and Zayn.

All the four men had a invitation to their fatel 4 way match and this is going to be good. And our prediction will be Sami Zayn. This will anger Owens and WWE continue their fead with the championship match.

Checkout At 22nd May 2016 for WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live Results Here at WWEIndia.Net

WWE United states championship match:

Kalisto vs Rusev

WWE Extreme rules 2016- WWE United states championship match


Kalisto is pretty good in ring , his mic skills are severely lacking. His US Champion run has been a lackluster but except the last bout with Ryback. However our predictions is on Rusev.

Rusev walk through Kalisto and get back The United States Championship that he wore so proudly before he relinquished it to Cena. Rusev rebuilding stage will be once again now walking with the US Championship.

Tag Team Championship Match:

The New Day vs The Vaudevillians

WWE Extreme rules 2016 tag team match


After the Vaudevillians attack on Kofi Kingston, these guys made a statement on Raw. Our prediction is on The Vaudevillians. However if The Vaudevillians wins that could turns into a new tag team era. That gives more bout with The New Day to reclaim their titles again in the next PPV.

Checkout At 22nd May 2016 for WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live Results Here at WWEIndia.Net

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