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A Huge Debut Comming soon On WWE-WWEIndia

WWE News: Eric Young positive about a potential career with the WWE:

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It seems to be On WWE becoming the promised land for former TNA talent in particular. After; Austin Aries and most notably AJ Styles ,Samoa Joe, Former eleven-time TNA title holder Eric Young might make for its warm shores.

In an interview with Busted Open Radio, the 36-year-old was asked his inclination towards a career in NXT, to which he responded, “Obviously, it’s a definite possibility. From the second that something was put up, of course, the parallels are being drawn and it’s something that’s definitely an option for me.

“The book is wide open and never in my career have I had that. I’ve always been a TNA guy.I’m going to open another chapter It’s exciting to say that . I’ve got a good foothold in pro wrestling and it’s cool to kind of be able to choose and everyone gets the choice that have that ability because not. It’s a very cool thing, very flattering.”

Young, a twelve-year experience of TNA, recently parted ways with the company over remuneration issues. Joining him was another TNA original, Bobby Roude, whose career graph was identical to that of Young’s.


If Young joined NXT, it would be a huge fillip for the show, which is the WWE’s breeding ground for main roster talent. and rather he joined into The Waytt Family On WWE

One thing’s for sure, there’ll never be a dull moment if this guy comes to the WWE!


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