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WWE Smackdown  May 5, 2016 Results : Welcome to Thursday Night Smackdown 5-5-2016 Results. Last Monday Night raw Vince McMahon announced both Shane and Stephanie Controls over Raw .

Chris Jericho come out and return the Highlight Reel at Smackdown.and superstar begins by recounting how he put he dean ambrose in the Hospital.

He Welcomes his guest Sami Zyan , but he interrupted by WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz and Maryse . Jericho flips out and mocks every one before leaving . But Sami and Miz had a match tonight on Next.

Next ** Sami Zyan Vs  The Miz. **

WWE Smackdown May 5, 2o16 :.

Sami Zyan Vs  The Miz

Kevin Owens was at  Commentary section. kevin ended the match by attacking sami zyan to cause the Dis. Qualification.

Cesaro run out to save, then taunted Miz and intercontinental champion after clearing house.

Result: DQ

wwe smackdown results

At backstage Luke Gallows, Anderson and AJ Styles talking about match at WWE Extreme Rules 2016.  Karl Anderson tells AJ Styles that he need to take it to new level in order to beat Roman reigns in Extreme Rules. But, AJ Styles says He want to win the match by his own.

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The Vaudevillains Vs The Social Outcasts

The vaudevillains took down Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel.

After the Match Big Class came out and layed curtis Axel and both Vaudevillains out with Power bomb. audiences Loved it.

Winner: The Vaudevillains

Natalya and Becky Lynch Vs Emma and Charlotte

Natalya and becky teamed to defeat the Emma and WWE Women’s champion Charlotte. Natalya got submission to Emma then finally Emma tap out.

Winner: Natalya and Becky Lynch.

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AJ Styles Approached Roman Reigns in locker room.Styles asked roman that is he planning to get involved in the Usos match against Gallows and Anderson. Roman Reigns Avoid to answer and he said he is the champion and i can go where i wants.

Rusev Vs Zack Ryder

Rusev defeated Zack Ryder. Lana Joined the ring in Celebrations. WWE United States Champion Kalisto Halt the celebrations , nailing a corkscrew forearm on Rusev.

Winner: Rusev.

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Fandango and Gold Dust learning new Dance Moments. Tyler and R-Truth walk over anf all they dance eachother.

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**Next Main Event Match** Roman Reigns & The Usos Vs Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows & AJ Styles

wwe smackdown may 5

Roman Reigns and The Usos Vs AJ Styles , Anderson & Luke Gallows

First Tag team Match between Usos & Gallows and Anderson gets underway. at one moment Anderson Kicks the Roman Reigns face while he is in the floor. Then tag team match turned into six man tag team match.

Then finally Roman Reigns Speared Anderson and Wins the Match.

Winner : Roman Reigns & The Usos.

Main Event Tonight Ends with Roman & AJ Styles Staring each other.

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